The BNSP: Another Searchlight Co-Production?

In recent months a transparent state front, the British National Socialist Party (hereafter BNSP), has arisen, bearing the characteristic hallmarks of Searchlight/MI5 input. Searchlight's hysterical coverage of the BNSP, containing almost as many lies as paragraphs, only tends to confirm my suspicions as to their involvement. The BNSP is described as "not a genuine nazi party but a state honey trap... a state operation." [54] Searchlight hope that by slamming a phantom outfit run by a trans-sexual fall-guy (or fall-girl?) they will be able to recover some anti-state credibility themselves in the process. The BNSP's activities are undoubtedly an embarrassment to BNP leader John Tyndall, as illustrated by his uncomfortable statement admitting that BNSP letters were sent out using BNP membership and subscription lists stolen from Alf Waite's home in July 1995. [55] It is equally the case however that the front person for the BNSP, A McHugh, is no friend of C18, as Searchlight lyingly implied. In March 1995 issue 11 of C18 magazine The Order denounced McHugh as a "vile pervert who was for over 25 years active with the reds." [56] More recent information in my possession tends to confirm this allegation of McHugh's involvement in Stalinist fringe politics. This is something I will return to elsewhere.