[Page 4] There does exist, and has existed for some time, a concerted campaign to deny free speech to the cause of British Racial Nationalism as expounded by the National Front; by the 'hire' of Red mobs, the production of smear literature, the denial of premises, and 'legal action' in the form of Race Laws.

At the centre of this campaign lie the two principal Jewish organisations in Britain: the London Committee of Deputies of the British Jews – commonly known as the Jewish Board of Deputies; and the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women, commonly known as 'Ajex'.

The Board of Deputies has its headquarters at Woburn House, London WC1 while Ajex is based at the Stepney Jewish (B'nai B'rith) Clubs and Settlement in Beaumont Grove, E1.

Both organisations are extremely secretive about their membership and activities. Most people are probably not even aware of their existence.


The president of the Board of Deputies is Lord Fisher of Camden (Sir Samuel Fisher). He is also chairman of the Board of Deputies Race Relations Working Party, as well as being a Life Peer, a Labour Party Alderman and vice president of the London Diamond Bourse.

The vice president of the Board of Deputies is Greville Janner who also doubles as vice chairman of the Race Relations Working Party, besides being the Labour MP for Leicester West, a Fabian, a director of the Jewish Chronicle and a vice president of Ajex.

Another member of the Board of Deputies is the prominent anti-NF campaigner, Councillor Arthur Super, the Labour Mayor of Hackney.

The Board does its work through a number of committees including the Jewish Defence and Group Relations Committee. The chairman of this is Martin Savitt who is again a member of the Race Relations Working Party and another vice president of Ajex. The executive director of the so-called "Defence" Committee is Dr. Jacob Gewirtz.


His interests embrace Zionism, Socialism, race-mixing for non-Jews and diamonds

[Page 5] Also on this Committee is Mrs. Lottie Green who is a vice-president of the Jewish B'nai B'rith organization. Like Ajex, B'nai B'rith has branches all over the country. Its president is David Stern and it operates from 1/2 Endsleigh Street, London WC1.

Further evidence of the close links between the Board of Deputies and Ajex came in October 1974 when a committee was set up under the chairmanship of Jack Wolkind, town clerk of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, to study the organisational structure of the Board of Deputies. Included in the committee was Captain David Tack, then national chairman of Ajex.

The Board of Deputies and Ajex are in turn interlinked with other Zionist-Socialist elements. So deep is the Zionist-Socialist axis that it even embraces groups at the extreme 'Left' of the orthodox political spectrum.


The October 2nd 1972 edition of the International Marxist Group newspaper (then known as Red Mole but now known as Red Weekly) complained that the Socialist "Zionists of Hashomer Hatzair refused to underwrite the recent left-wing demonstration against the Monday Club's rally at Central Hall..." as if the underwriting by Zionists of Communist anti-British demonstrations was commonplace and to be expected.

When the National Front held its anti-I.R.A. march in London last September, Mapam – a Zionist party affiliated to the Communist Liberation organisation – made a veiled appeal for a counter-demonstration. In a circular letter to its members (which did not directly call for participation presumably because the demonstrations occurred on the Jewish sabbath) Mapam emphasized both the venue and time of the NF rally. The chairman of Mapam is Mr. Solli Marcus.

Other Zionist-Socialist links are effected through Jewish members of the Labour Party (which currently include at least 33 Labour MPs), the Labour Friends of Israel, and Poale Zion – the Jewish Socialist Party which is an integral part of the British Labour Party. Poale Zion also has a youth section known as Young Poale Zion. Its general secretary is Eli Benson and it operates from Bet-Ben, 19 Dudden Hill Lane, London NWIO.

Jewish Labour MPs with Zionist connections include Clinton Davis, Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of Trade and a member of the Board of Deputies; Marcus Lipton, MP for Lambeth Central and president of the South London branch of Ajex; Ian Mikardo, chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party and also active in Poale Zion; Maurice Miller, MP for East Kilbride and a past chairman of Poale Zion; Eric Moonman, MR for Basildon, a member of the House of Commons Select Committee on Race Relations, and now the present chairman of Poale Zion; and Harold Lever, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Wilson's top financial adviser, as well as being a member of Poale Zion for over forty years.

Some of the MPs with Zionist connections (clockwise) Sam Silkin, Marcus Lipton, Stanley Clinton Davis, Renee Short.

Other Jewish Labour MPs of particular note to National Front members and supporters are Mrs. Renée Short, MP for Wolverhampton North-East, and Paul Rose, MP for Manchester Blackley.


The board of Deputies and other Jewish organisations have had a long and deep interest in British Nationalist movements. Indeed, they have geared their activities to combating them.

According to The British Political Fringe (Anthony Blond, London 1965) [Page 6] written by George Thayer,

'The Board of Deputies has turned part of its headquarters in Tavistock Square into what looks to me, as an outsider, like a military command post in the last stages of a siege. This is particularly true in those areas of the building which are occupied by the Jewish Defence Committee. Such words as 'operations', 'communications' and 'action' can be seen on bulletin boards and memoranda; the employees seldom walk down the corridors – they trot; telephones are constantly ringing, facts and figures are produced with remarkable speed, and there is a constant hum of voices arguing, ordering and analysing the day away.

'This 'battle atmosphere' has spread to other organizations as well, particularly to the World Jewish Congress and AJEX. Between the three of them, there exists an intelligence network that would do credit to DI 5 (the successor to MI 5). If some point of information is not available in one particular set of files, they need only make one or two calls to find it.'

This network obviously prefers to work behind closed doors while usually putting other people into the front line. There are times, however, when in-fighting breaks the surface and various factions jockey for position by putting over their own point of view in the fanatically Zionist Jewish Chronicle.

The chairman of the Jewish Chronicle Trust Ltd. is Lord Arnold Abraham Goodman – Wilson's personal lawyer.


The National Front has always faced a certain amount of illegal smear leafletting, but the February 1974 General Election was the first time it was used on a reasonably large scale.

Although it was mainly the Reds of the International Socialists and Communist Party who did the donkey work by putting them out, it became known to us through inside information that the leaflets originated from persons [Page 7] closely connected with the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen. Some friction did in fact occur at the time between some of the Socialists and Ajex, as well as within Jewish organisations themselves.

The Jewish Chronicle of September 27th 1974 carried a report of a Mr. Jack Roth, president of the council of Manchester and Salford Jews, who attacked the Manchester Jewish Socialist Group for distributing smear leaflets against the National Front "which he said should be left to Ajex and which, in any case has brought much criticism from non-Jews." The secretary of the Manchester Jewish Socialist Group is A. Lewis, 3 Wood Grove, Whitefield, Manchester.

In a letter to the Jewish Chronicle of October 18th of last year, Mr. Monty Henig, chairman of the Leicester Jewish Defence and Group Relations Committee, regretted that in his area: "leaflets did not have the effect of reducing the massive combined vote that the National Front candidates received at the General Election."

Henig was complaining that in his area Ajex were not then quite doing their stuff and that: "for the future hopes and prosperity of the community Ajex should accept constructive suggestions and criticism" in the spirit in which they were given. He concluded: "If they do this they will go from strength to strength to complete the vital work which they have undertaken."

Henig's address is Tudor Lodge, 11 Portsdown Road, Leicester.

Further evidence of Ajex involvement was given by Roy Lewis, Labour candidate for Harrow East in the October 1974 General Election, who said:

'I have had National Front propaganda regurgitated to me on too many doorsteps... As a Jew, I would like to help strengthen the links between my own community and the other ethnic minorities, who at the moment are bearing the brunt of racial discrimination. In this connection I am very pleased that the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women (A.J.E.X.) is keeping a useful check on the National Front.'


During the Newham South By-election in May 1974, smear leaflets were distributed by International Socialists from 84 Chesterton Road, Plaistow, E13. The leafleters were soon frightened off by a swift and militant response from the NF. The leaflets were then speedily removed the next evening by a van hailing from an address in Berwick St., Soho, only a short distance from the Coffeepot restaurant of the notorious Harry Bidney. Bidney is well-known in Nationalist circles as the boss of the Zionist fascist organisation, the 62 Group.

As in other places the smear leaflet distribution in Newham was highly illegal. The leaflets bore no imprint, they were put out by people not contesting the election, and they were criminally libellous.

A detailed report on the matter was passed to the police who, no doubt fearful of direct retaliatory action should no prosecutions be brought, promised to start legal proceedings.

After some time, however, the police decided not to do so. It may have some bearing on the matter that the Attorney General, Jewish Labour MP Sam Silkin, speaks on Zionist platforms promoted by the Board of Deputies, the Zionist Federation and Ajex!


More blatant than the involvement of Ajex was the involvement of the [Page 8] Jewish Board of Deputies itself in publishing and printing a smear leaflet which was used in the October 1974 General Election. The leaflet was entitled 'The Hate-Mongers' and bore the imprint: "Printed & Published by Woburn Press, Upper Woburn Place, London WC1", though some were left blank so that other groups could stamp on their own addresses.

In some areas members of the Labour Party and the Labour Party Young Socialists put out this leaflet together with their own election leaflets. The Jewish Chronicle (4.10.74) reported: "Thousands of election leaflets published by the Board of Deputies are being distributed throughout the country."


Besides smear booklets on the National Front produced by the International Socialists, the International Marxist Group and the Communist Party on information 'supplied', there is also one called "A Well-Oiled Nazi Machine" which is published by AF & R Publications, 21/6 Livery Street, Great Western Building, Birmingham 3, and printed by Narod Press Ltd., 129/131 Cavell Street, London E1.

The Narod Press is run by Mr. Bar Kochba Narod, son of Israel Narodiczky, a fervent Zionist and East End printer and publisher. The booklet has been avidly promoted by the Communist Party newspaper, Morning Star.


Just recently an old paper, Searchlight, was revived. It is also published by AF & R Publications in harness with 'Searchlight Associates', and is advertised by Red Weekly, the paper of the International Marxist Group, Socialist Worker, the paper of the International Socialists, and Time Out, a 'what's-on-in-London' guide contributed to by Communists.

The Editor of the original Searchlight was the Jewish Labour MP Reginald Freeson. Freeson (whose real name is Venitz) was educated at a Jewish orphanage and is a founder member of the United Nations International Service.

He was well suited to be its editor, being an old hand at smear techniques. In May 1965 he tabled a parliamentary question which read:

'What steps are being taken to institute legal proceedings against members of the British Nazi Party, the British National Party, the Greater Britain Movement and the Nazi International, which have participated in the daubing of synagogues, the desecration of Jewish cemeteries and the flyposting of fascist and [Page 9] racialist leaflets on property in parts of London and other cities?'

The British National Party was one of the constituent organisations which merged to form the National Front. It did, of course, distribute racialist literature, but was certainly not guilty of the other accusations. Freeson had said it in a place where MPs are immune from being sued for libel.


Afraid to use his own name, 'Freeson' only slandered the B.N.P. from the safety of Parliament.

BNP National Organiser, John Bean, wrote to Freeson as follows:

'Your intensive study of the British Right Wing, including its lunatic 'Nazi' fringe, has given you ample knowledge that no members of the British National Party have ever indulged in such activities and furthermore you must know only too well that since February 1962 the British National Party has disassociated itself on innumerable occasions from the antics of the 'Nazi' groups. I would be pleased to see you make your slanderous accusations outside the precincts of the House of Commons in order that we may have the pleasure of your contributing, and most generously, to British National Party funds.'

It is tactics of this sort that people like Freeson/Venitz, now Labour's Minister of Housing, have used to smear the cause of British Nationalism.


The Editor of the new Searchlight is Gerry Gable, a member of the Zionist Fascist 62-Group. It has been reported – and never disputed – that Gable carried out "service jobs" (i.e. break-ins) for Martin 'Sweety' Walker, in order to provide the latter with material for his Open File column in the Guardian newspaper and for his forthcoming book on the National Front, which is to be published by Andre Deutsch.

In the early 70s Gable's wife, then known as Jo Cox, was behind the Chelmsford Radical Bulletin – a local Red magazine that devoted much space to smearing the National Front. Jo Gable – who is closely connected with the Labour Party – was more recently concerned with the launching of a quite 'respectable' local commercial newspaper.

Other names which have appeared in Searchlight include that of its managing editor, Maurice Ludmer, and Paul Foot, the Editor of Socialist Worker. Arab students who read Free Palestine, the supposedly anti-Zionist paper printed by SW (Litho) – the International Socialists' printing company – may wonder what Paul Foot is doing working in such close collaboration with Zionists.

It may or may not have some connection with the fact that the leading member of the I.S., Tony Cliff, is really called Ygael Gluckstein, was born in Haifa, and is an Israeli citizen.


Having failed to stop the National Front by using the I.S. and I.M.G. etc., its opponents are now trying to build a 'broad front' by forming anti-National Front committees.

In November 1974 an anti-National Front meeting in Harrow was addressed by Dr. Jacob Gewirtz. According to Challenge, the newspaper of the Young Communist League, Gewirtz claimed: "There is nothing in the programme of the National Front which does not come from Mein Kampf, Hitler's blueprint for genocide." Any reader who could give credence to such paranoid drivel should refer to the National Front Statement of Policy.

These "anti-Fascist" committees are in turn covered by a national organisation spuriously entitled "Democratic Defence", and which has as one of its aims: "Pressure to strengthen the Race Relations Act to prevent racial incitement and end all forms of discrimination."

        PAUL ROSE, M.P.

He supports Israel and the I.R.A. but is strongly opposed to British Nationalism.

[Page 10] The leading light of "Democratic Defence" is Paul Rose, Labour MP for Manchester Blackley. Together with Niel Kinnock, Labour MP for Bedwelty and parliamentary private secretary to Michael Foot, and Eddie Loyden, Labour MP for Liverpool Garston, Paul Rose was at its inaugural meeting at the Lesser Free Hall in Manchester.

Rose stated: "I recognise the differences of approach, but sometimes violence is justified..." He continued: "Our main weapon must be the truth (sic), but I do not shrink from the fact that there may be other methods."


Paul Rose, who once described Britain First as having Nazi overtones, has a confirmed history of hostility to British Nationalism. Not only has he been at the centre of numerous similar scurrilous attacks against the National Front, but he is also a leading member of the Labour Committee for Europe.

He is not hostile to all forms of Nationalism, however, as he is National Chairman of the Labour Friends of Israel, and is also sympathetic to Irish Republicanism.

Paul Rose is author of The Manchester Martyrs, which is about three Irish Republican terrorists who murdered an English policeman. The book is published by Lawrence and Wishart, the Communist Party publishing company.

"Democratic Defence" is now producing a leaflet entitled 'The Truth About The National Front.' Its content and style of printing bear a remarkable similarity to the illegal smear leaflets which were closely associated with Ajex. The new leaflets, however, have an imprint: "c/o St. Mary's Annexe, Lower Milk St., Liverpool 3."

St. Mary's Annexe is the address of an infants school attached to a local Roman Catholic Church. The address is also used by the so-called "Merseyside Anti-Fascist Committee", at the head of which is a certain Roger O'Hara. O'Hara's home address – which is also used by the Committee – is at 8 Crump St., Liverpool 3, in the heart of Liverpool's Black district.

Whereas we are in no way anti-Irish any more than we are anti-Jewish, we are hostile to all anti-British nationalisms being expounded on British soil, especially when this is done by people who on other occasions fervently demand that they are no different from anyone else.


[Page 11] The organisations involved in the campaign against the British Nationalist movement are also co-ordinated internationally. On April 19, 1975, Maurice Ludmer, the managing editor of Searchlight, attended a conference held in Brussels. This was not an Adolf Hitler birthday party for ex-S.S. men, but an international gathering of anti-Nationalists and multi-racialists organised by the Movement against Racism, Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia, and by the Belgian League for the Defence of Human Rights. Also represented was the French Movement contre le Racisme, l'Antisemitisme et pour la Paix, which has actually been given the status of a "non government agency" by the United Nations.

We are, therefore, not only coming up against organisations in Britain, but even against the embryonic race relations board of an intended future World Government.