[Page 3] With coloured immigrants being brought into Britain to swell the pool of available labour and thus undercut the wage bargaining position of British workers; with Capitalists pressuring for Britain to remain trapped in the European Common Market; with powerful Financiers expanding the world money supply far in advance of the production of goods and services and thus causing inflation; with Communist disrupters pursuing their anti-working class personal ambitions by reducing major industries to chaos; THE BRITISH NATION IS UNDER ATTACK.

The National Front stands in the forefront of the political struggle to restore to our people our right to defend our racial identity and national independence. Ranged against us are the forces of those vested interests which have succeeded in reducing this once proud nation, from a hard-earned position of strength to an alarming position of economic, moral and military weakness.

The Establishment politicians, the Big Capitalists and the Communists within and without the Labour Party fear the wrath of the British People, should our nation wake up to the enormity of the wrecking operation which has been perpetrated upon it.

Knowing their guilt and desperate to stem the rising tide of British Nationalism, our enemies are frantically throwing one obstacle after another in our path in a vain attempt to stave off the day of reckoning. Local councils abuse their position by banning the NF from hiring council premises for meetings; the TV and radio find time to give broadcasting opportunities to Communists but deliberately freeze out the National Front; while the National Front is deliberately ignored or abused by the monopolist daily press.

All these obstacles we have tackled and are overcoming. All the time National Front membership is rising and the sales of Britain First grow and grow.

Establishment politicians, Zionists and Communists have become so worried by the National Front's remarkable growth over the past few years that they are now resorting to the age-old ploy of 'divide and conquer'. On the one hand, they are trying to stir up the Jewish population against British Nationalism by smearing the National Front as 'Fascist' and 'anti-Jewish', whilst simultaneously trying to stir up British Nationalists against the Jewish population by hijacking its community organisations and implicating them in anti-British activities.

They know as well as we do that the National Front is a one hundred per cent democratic party, both in its policies and in its organization, and that it does in fact have several members of Jewish origin. We British Nationalists do not intend to be diverted into the blind alley of anti-Semitism, no matter how much the Establishment seeks to provoke us, and no matter how many decoys they throw in our path. Likewise, it is the duty of all patriotic Jews to shake off the stranglehold that these people have over Jewish organisations.

It is, therefore, in the interests not only of committed British Nationalists but also of the thousands of ordinary Jews in Britain, that this booklet explores the web of intrigue that has camouflaged for too long the pernicious anti-British activities of these carpet-baggers.

Richard Lawson
Editor, Britain First
October 1975.