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Dear Editor,

I was interested to read the article in Britain First No. 28 on the involvement of Zionists in fomenting anti-Semitism.

Most Jews leaving the Soviet Union are going to the United States rather than to Israel. The Zionists, therefore, must look on Britain's half million Jews as an alternative reservoir of manpower for Israel.

One is reminded of the words of Mr. Sussman of the American Council of Judaism, as quoted in Moshe Menuhin's classic, The Decadence of Judaism in Our Time:

'The Zionist Movement wants to picture Jews constantly in trouble, It is bad for fund-raising and bad for immigration to Israel if Jews are not in trouble. But 'trouble' must be of a particular kind. It must be 'Jewish' trouble. It must fit the Zionist pattern of inevitable anti-Semitism just as surely as the 'inevitable' class war fits classic Marxism.'

John Henderson